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Health insurance, Spain

As in the UK many people in Spain prefer to rely on the private medical sector to look after their health needs. Medical costs are rising in Spain and we can offer inexpensive health insurance products tailored to your requirements.

Medical insurance policies are complicated and it is important that your policy provides exactly the cover you need. We consider that it is of the utmost importance to spend time discussing what you require. We can then guide you to the right product which will work correctly for you.

In fact if you wish to become resident without a work permit or want residency and are not from the EEC you will be required to produce evidence of health insurance.

Most Spanish health insurance policies include full European roadside assistance. The cost of hire cars following an accident can be included under some policies but this is not always standard.

Both national and international plans are available for individuals, groups and companies. We have dedicated policies available for yacht crews.

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